Kokey Koala and the Bush Olympics

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- About the book -

Watch Kokey as he enters the Bush Olympics, and follow his journey from the exciting opening ceremony when he gets to carry the flag, through diving, swimming, hurdles, relay, canoeing, sailing and boxing. Poor Kokey, he fails time after time showing his strength of determination, endurance, resilience and courage, whilst never giving up.


Will he finally win and achieve his dream of a Gold Medal? 


See if you can find Kokey’s competitors, the kangaroo, platypus, bandicoot, echidna, emu, and possum in the beautiful pictures along with his many friends and spectators perched in trees and splendid vantage points. 


“Keep trying Kokey, be brave and bold, and soon you’ll win Olympic Gold”.

  • Kokey Koala Book Relaunch
    Thu, 01 Jul
    Dymocks Chatswood Bookstore, Westfield
    Join us at Dymocks Chatswood in Sydney to celebrate the relaunch of this much loved children's book. Purchase a book in store and receive the eBook for free. Remember 5% of purchases are donated to Aussie Ark who are conservationist of Australian Flora and Fauna.